Capabilities and facilities from CSSRC

CSSRC has 22 state-level large scale research establishments at its disposal

China Ship Scientific Research Center(CSSRC) will display its capabilities and facilities at the Seawork Asia 2018 Shanghai International Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition & Forum.

CSSRC, affiliated to the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, is China’s largest ship and ocean engineering research institute.

With more than 60 years of industry know-how and experience, and as a member of ITTC and ISSC, CSSRC has immense capabilities to draw on; more than 500 research engineers are in place at the Center’s 22 state-level large-scale test facilities and two state-level inspection centres.

Predominantly engaged in investigation and research into ship, underwater vehicle and ocean engineering hydrodynamic performance, CSSRC has the largest ship hydrodynamic research base in China.

Basic and applied research into structural dynamics and stealth technologies in addition to designing and development of high-performance ships and underwater engineering, has led to CSSRC successful development of deep-water vehicles, wing-in-ground (WIG) effect ships, SWATH ships, hydrofoils and custom propellers.

CSSRC has won over 400 state or ministry-level awards for its research achievements and has been recognised for its significant contribution to China’s naval and offshore engineering sectors.

CSSRC capabilities and competencies:

  • Research, experiment and inspection of ships, underwater vehicles and offshore structures
  • Research, design and building of high performance ships, pleasure boats and high-speed boats
  • Designing and manufacture of ship models, propellers and entertainment facilities
  • Research, design and manufacture of various manned and unmanned submersibles and submarine rescue facilities
  • R&D for hydrodynamics and structural dynamics test facilities
  • CAE software customization development, development and services of database and applied software
  • R&D for noise & vibration reduction and environmental protection equipment
  • Inspection, measurement and protection for impact explosion
  • Design and inspection of pressure vessels
  • Design and consultation of hydrodynamic and structural test facilities