Information and Communication the Yagena way

Information and communication - Yagena supports Beidou satellite navigation in its ship-to-shore platforms

Hangzhou Yagena Technology Co., Ltd. will present a number of intelligent ship-to-shore integrated information solutions at the Seawork Asia 2018 Shanghai International Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition & Forum.

Hangzhou Yagena Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in building intelligent ship-to-shore information management systems. Supplying customers with both software and hardware, Yagena manufactures and supplies integrated ship-to-shore management information platforms, ship-to-shore communication dispatch command systems, video surveillance, video conferencing, network systems, communication navigation, cabin monitoring, Beidou rescue, VSAT, IPTV, and complete bespoke solutions.

The company has independently developed its own intelligent system and holds a number of domestic and international patents for its Yagena CAT ship-to-shore communication dispatching command system software.

Viewable and operable on large-screen, PC, PAD and mobile phone, the information management system uses C/S mode and B/S mode to ensure data security. It also enables the assigned ship to carry out two-way video and voice communication and can instantly display the ship's cabin dynamic data and radar scan data. The WEB electronic chart is used to dynamically and scientifically display the ship's navigation situation, the cabin dynamic data and the meteorological information for the surrounding sea area, meanwhile linking directly to the Yagena CAT ship-to-shore communication system for convenience and efficiency.

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken a number of large-scale ship-to-shore information construction projects including 4 x 40m B-type patrol boats for 4 different Maritime Safety Administrations and a comprehensive information management platform project in Shanghai.

Yagena’s tenet of "Professionalism is foundation, service is guarantee, and quality is credibility" backs up the company’s commitment to development and innovation.