Jemar Norpower AS – quick and strong workboats on show at Seawork Asia

Jemar Norpower AS Jemar Norpower AS

Jemar Norpower AS is a Norwegian builder of workboats for the seismic industry, harbors, anti-pollution/oil spill recovery, crew change and tugging.

Their boats are built in glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and come in three models: 23ft, 26ft and 30ft. They bring together the unique combination of speed and bollard pull with seaworthiness and stability. Together these qualities make a Jemar Norpower AS workboats strong, speedy and safe. Offering a one skin hull with reliable engine and equipment reduces potential down-time to almost zero. Their workboats can be used for numerous purposes: carrying cargo on deck, crew change (11 passengers), inspection of equipment in the sea, tugging, emergency boat for oil spill recovery and general workboat activity.

See them at Seawork Asia to discuss their range or to get a quotation for a standard workboat or a workboat specially built to meet your requirements.